The Austrian Business Association was founded in 1996 to enhance the relationship
between Austrian business and Singapore/Asia-Pacific business
and also to have a vote within the European Business Association in Singapore.

The objectives of the Austrian Business Association are, according to the constitution of the association:

To promote the growth of trade between Austria and Singapore and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

To provide a forum in Singapore for Austrian companies, individuals and Singapore companies with interest in commercial relations with Austria, to enable them to meet and discuss matters of common interest affecting economic, industrial and commercial issues and to exchange ideas and information.

To promote, foster, support and represent Austrian related interests of the trade of the members of the association by all means and methods consistent with the laws and constitution of the Republic of Singapore.

To collect, obtain, publish and disseminate statistics and other information relating to trade and to all matters connected therewith that may be
of service to the members.

To encourage Austrian investment in Asia-Pacific as a means of protecting its members' trading position.

To create and maintain a good general Austrian image as a means of promoting the growth of its members' economic interests.

To consider all questions affecting Austrian economic activities in Singapore and the,Asia-Pacific region.

To provide the means for the association to join in representations to the Singapore government or its representatives or other bodies on issues relevant to the association and its members.

To promote social intercourse between visitors in Singapore with interests relevant to the association and its members.

To do any or all such things that are conducive to the attainment of the above objects.